What Should I do, If I Get Periods At School?

Periods At School?

After attaining puberty, periods will come at regular intervals every month. Most of the girls won’t pay much attention towards such things. To some extent this is ok. However you should prepare yourself to deal with these happenings so as to gain confidence and a secured feeling. If you are at home, mother will be there to help out. Many girls panic and feel embarrassed when they come to know about the onset of menstrual cycle while they were at school. There are many ways to overcome and deal with such stressful situations. Paying attention to certain small, but important things can assist you in overcoming all such hurdles without difficulty.

Prepare a mini kit and keep it in any of the corners of your bag – You can prepare a kit by yourself or buy it from a store. In the kit you can keep one or 2 pads, a wet wipe and a thin panty liner. Keeping such small kits helps you in dealing with menstrual issues without any worries.

Approach the medical section or the medical attendant of the school – When there is an outbreak, approach the medical attendant of the school and convey about your situation. Most of the schools have first-aid boxes and feminine sanitary products for emergency purposes. You can take advantage of such facilities and ensure reproductive health.

Ask help of friends- Sometimes it is better to speak about your situation to your friends. They too can help in many ways. They can give you the menstrual kit they hold with them or can assist in getting a half day leave for the particular day. All this will ward off stress and put you at ease.

Speak to your class teacher – There are instances when periods start unexpectedly in the class room. If you are able to speak directly to the class teacher, ask for assistance without any hesitation. Problems arise when you are not able to make people understand the situation. Speaking to the class teacher in charge helps you in getting any kind of help from the school authorities.

Start wearing panty liners if you think periods may start soon – This is one of the precautionary measures that can help you in handling the emergency situation. As panty liners are very thin and can wear with your panty without an irritation, start using it prior the outbreak.

Use pads a day before periods – You can start using pads a day before the menstrual cycle. In many cases we won’t be able to predict the exact date of periods, so stay cautious.

Duration of the periods – You are not able to calculate the exact date of the beginning and ending of the menstrual cycle. So please carry pads for the whole week whenever at school.

A girl should stay prepared for the period when she starts seeing some discharge in her underwear. Otherwise, maintain a calendar with the prior months starting and ending dates of the period and calculate the same for the coming months.

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