What does your menstrual discharge mean? And how to keep yourself safe and clean?

As a woman, we now live in a world that’s healthier. However, we must not forget that hygiene should still be our priority for a long and healthy life as a woman! Thus, it is extremely important to understand the menstrual cycle and exercise adequate levels of safety during each phase.

The first thing that a girl needs to know is that the menstrual cycle is not just about periods. In fact, there is a long string of events that culminate in periods. A significant indicator of the various phases of the cycle is the vaginal discharge or the cervical mucus. This secretion is important because it provides the necessary moisture to the mucus membrane of the vagina and protects it from drying up. There are four distinct types of discharge which can be classified as:

  • Dry Day” discharge: These are days when there is almost no discharge and this happens just after periods stop. At this time the cervical mucus is thick and dense and closes the entrance of the cervix. This is the time when there is absolutely no discharge.

  • Thick and sticky, cream-like discharge which typically occurs at a stage close to the onset of periods and after ovulation. The discharge appears lumpy and is an indicative of a phase when it is very difficult for the sperms to move about in the mucus. This is the least ideal time to conceive a baby.

  • Diluted mucus discharge is the watery discharge that occurs when the cycle nears the ovulation phase. This is the time when the underwear gets soggy and a woman feels uncomfortable. To prevent discomfort and unhygienic infections, it is advisable to use panty liners at this time. This will help a woman stay fresh for long hours without having to worry about the vaginal discharge.

  • Ovulation discharge which looks similar to egg white in terms of consistency signifies the time when it is the most ideal for a woman to conceive a baby. This discharge helps sperms travel up the cervix with ease and is the perfect time to plan a child. In case if one is not looking forward to have a baby, then this is the time of the month when she should exercise strict carefulness to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Each phase of the menstrual cycle has a distinct effect on a woman’s life. It is extremely important to clean up the pubic area regularly as the discharge not only causes wetness but might also lead to germ build-up. It is a perfect idea to clean up using a reliable feminine wash at least twice a day. Use panty liners to keep dry during the last days of period and during other days when the discharge is heavy. While during periods, it is a good to choose a sanitary napkin that has high absorptivity to stay clean. For a healthy and planned life, keep tabs on your cycle by closely monitoring and documenting it.

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