Every woman is different and unique. We have different attitude, age, preferences, friends and religion. Some of us would choose to spend free time on shopping or hiking when others prefer just to relax with a cup of tea. We also do different things in life. Some of us are already successful businesswomen, and some are studying and dreaming to become doctors or engineers. Every day we face different challenges at work, colleges or at home. We are reliable and irreplaceable – the best mothers, wives and sisters. It makes us very strong and nowadays many of us are used to be superwomen even in daily life 🙂

But I think, many women agree that there are some days during each month, when we just want to be us. Many would just prefer to stay in bed instead of going to school or work and even shopping doesn’t seem to be so attractive anymore 😀 These days are experienced by women from all countries all over the world, regardless of their nationality and occupation.

So why can’t we just let us feel comfortable during these few days each month? Just for few days we can stop to conquer the world and let us be ourselves with the best comfort which all of us deserve!

As we all know, menstruation is an absolutely normal process given by nature just to women. Every one of us should be proud of it, because that means that we will be able to become mothers at the right time. Except of being proud, every woman has to know how to take care of her body and hygiene during these days. I believe that every lady wants to always be healthy and have just the best comfort and protection during the period. Doesn’t matter if she is a student, a doctor or a businesswoman.

Unfortunately, even in present era of the highest technologies, such basic topic as menstruation is rarely discussed openly. Due to this hygiene management is misunderstood and the practices which are ignored sometimes result into an adverse outcome. If menstrual hygiene is not given importance, it will raise the risk of reproductive infections and affect your health issues.

Everyday tasks and challenges make us stronger and special for our families, friends and colleagues. They can count on us in each situation. But we also need to have support sometimes. Let’s not forget about ourselves! 🙂 Let’s give us this minimum comfort which we deserve. Taking care of our health is the most important task we have.


That is why you can always count on Bella!


For every woman, regardless her age or social origin, menstrual hygiene should never be ignored. That is why I would like to share with you some useful tips about hygiene during the menstruation to always stay healthy and comfortable:

  • Use just AIR BREATHABLE sanitary napkins to provide yourself the best comfort without irritations. AIR CIRCULATION will not only give you exceptional comfort, but will also minimize risk of intimate health problems.
  • Change a sanitary napkin regularly, every few hours.
  • Wash your intimate areas at least once a day. Use special feminine wash instead of soap – it is very gentle, keeps proper skin Ph and prevents infections and bad smell.
  • Clean or wipe yourself just from front to back (not opposite!) to avoid bacterial or urinary tract infections.
  • Wash your hands with soap after using toilet, before eating, before and after changing of a sanitary napkin.

These basic rules will help you to always be happy without worries of the best comfort.


The first time in India exceptional satisfaction for every woman is provided by the only AIR BREATHABLE Bella sanitary napkins. Whatever you do, wherever you are, Bella products always support you with the highest possible comfort! Remember, comfort is something that superwomen should never compromise on 🙂



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