Why tracking your period is important?

Menstruation. Periods. That Time of month or on the rag. Some of the most common words ascribed to a woman’s monthly cycle –the most important aspects of womanhood. Yet it is the most overlooked aspect by most women when it comes to watching their health.

While the common rhetoric about periods centres around cramps and bellyaches, the importance of a period calendar is barely stressed. A period calendar can help you chart several factors about your period. It can make your period a better experience.

Here are some of the most overlooked questions. Does your period catches you by surprise? Does your cycle fluctuate from a 28-day to 32 day cycle? Are you achy or moody on the first day of your period? Do you experience bloatness? Crave sweet nothings or spicy food? Hot flashes?

It’s time you take stock of your period health. See how Bella Period Calendar can tell you more about your body.

Prep up before pregnancy

Trying to get pregnant? If you are trying to conceive, your gynecologist will strongly recommend you to maintain a period calendar. It is extremely crucial for you to chart your cycle as late or missed periods can help your gyno determine the right treatment.

Bon Voyage!                                  

A vacation during periods can throw off some of the best thought-out plans. Our period calculator can help you avoid these trippings. With the period calculator, you will have the right information whether to go with the flow or not.

Appointments & Dates

Planning a fun evening or an important business appointment? Keep the flow in check with the functional period calendar app. Avoid the last-minute frenzy and rescheduling with accurate predictions.

Hot Flashes

Gradually we all get there! Sour mood, changing taste buds, hot flashes and weight gain are some of the most common signs of menopause. Even though the app can’t stop the march of menopause, it can surely give away the warning signs that can help you prep better.

Avoid the last-minute misses with our easy-to-use Bella Period Calendar!

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