Periods make us all girls cry out in pain. Literally. All of us have gone through it and know just how unmanageable things become when the mind is depressed and the body is revolting with pain. What makes things worse is that most of us girls do not know how to deal with all of this. Some girls have to routinely experience menstrual pain while other experience it only sometimes. While pain during menstruation is a normal affair, a lot can still be done to ease its impact – both on the body and on the mind. When the body starts shredding organ tissues, the abdominal area becomes irritated with pain. Most of the times there is a feeling of exhaustion that accompanies the pain. Thinking of tips to reduce the agony? Here are some handy methods that’ll work!

  • Cut down on caffeine and caffeinated drinks. This is important because caffeine can increase the pain and make things more difficult for the person.

  • Carrot juice can be a healthy substitute for coffee especially when one is in pain during periods. Aloe vera juice served with honey can also be a good pain reliever because it eases the period flow which in turn reduces the pain.

  • Lavender oil is amazing for period pain. Applying it on the abdomen has been known to significantly reduce the pain within ten to fifteen minutes.

  • A hot water bath or a hot water bag massage helps with menstrual cramps. So keep one near at hand. Smoothly massage the abdominal area while lying down to get some relief and calm.

  • Papaya contains an enzyme called papain that regulates menstrual flow. So ensure that the diet before and at the time of periods contain rich helpings of papaya.

  • Calcium eases cramps. So milk can do wonders for pain during periods. In case if the woman is lactose intolerant then calcium chewable will serve as a substitute.

Periods can be a drag and irritant in a woman’s life and menstrual cramps are an added bonus agony. While it is a natural process, taking care of oneself and being kind to one’s body goes a long way in relieving pain. Being good to oneself, listening to the calls of the body and doing things which will give one happiness always work out greatly. Sit back, read a book, listening to your favorite music, eat healthy and tasty food. Above all, maintain apt levels of hygiene during periods. While it might not reduce the pain, but, it will certainly help do away with a lot of irritation. Change sanitary pads at least three to four times per day, keep the area clean and dry. This will make one feel fresh, clean and calm.

A little awareness on part of the individual can help ease pain during periods. Keep these tips alive in your mind to reach out to every friend or any person for that matter who is troubled by menstrual cramps. Stay hygienic. Stay safe.

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