The Basics of Menstrual Hygiene : Tips for a Fresh and Healthy Period

Basics of Menstrual Hygiene

Periods induce a sense of depression for many females. PMS, the cramps, the mood swings, the irritation… it all becomes too much to handle. How many times do we wish if it was under our power to control them! But did you know that irritation during periods can actually be dealt with pretty easily? The irritating moist, the itching, the rashes, the infections…the cure for all of this lies in maintaining apt levels of menstrual hygiene. This is also important because of the heightened chances of infection during periods. At this time, the mucus that is present as a block for the cervix opens up to let blood pass. This also allows germs and bacteria to travel up the cervix causing infections in the process. Therefore, keeping clean during periods is essential to have a healthy, fresh and irritation free life during those fated ‘down days’. Let us go over some basics of menstrual hygiene.

  • The first and foremost thing is to keep yourself clean. Take a bath at least once in a day and clean the vaginal area three to four times. Take care to dry that area. This helps keep away germs and bacteria that can cause infections and also helps stay away from bad odor.

  • Use sanitary napkins or tampons. This is important because the bleeding needs to be effectively absorbed to keep the vaginal area dry. Ensure that the napkin is changed at least three to four times daily. Dispose the used pad in a safe dustbin away from pets and children. Remember that exposure to damp sanitary pads for a prolonged period of time can result in skin irritation in that area.

  • What you wear matters. It is advisable to avoid wearing tight fitting clothes that cling to the vaginal area. They increase the heat and hence the irritation there. Wear comfortable cotton undergarments. Let the body breathe in the clothes, save yourself some discomfort. Ensure that the clothes you wear are washed and clean.

  • Using high absorbency tampon even when the flow is light can result in a situation called the Toxic Shock Syndrome. To avoid this, choose the tampon whose absorbency matches the amount of your period flow.

  • In case if skin irritation occurs, ensure that the area is dry. Avoid using harsh cloth to dry the area. Use cotton or a soft towel instead.

  • Give your body some rest and avoid any strenuous activity which might result in sweat induced irritation. Even if you do, then wear sanitary pads which can last you through the period.

Hygiene for a female should be an everyday affair and must never be restricted to periods. However, extra care needs to be taken during menstruation because of the increased vulnerability to infections. Also, staying clean and fresh helps offset the foul mood that often results during periods. The above points are some basic to-dos for ensuring that menstruation becomes a hygienic affair for you!

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