Teen Corner: Should I use Tampons or Pads?

Should I use Tampons or Pads?

What kind of feminine hygiene products should a teenager use? When we girls first start menstruating, it takes a while to use pads correctly. It should be placed correctly and disposed of properly. Products that can be used instead of sanitary napkins are tampons.

Can they be used by teenage girls and is it safe for us?

What are tampons and how should they be used?

Tampons are feminine hygiene products that are cylindrical in shape. They are available in many varieties, sizes and absorbance capacity. Made from compact, cotton-like material, they have good absorbency, thus preventing leaks. Some brands provide an applicator to insert the tampon and keep it in place. The applicator is made from cardboard or plastic. In brands that do not provide it, tampons have to be inserted with fingers. It’s actually more comfortable to use your fingers than the stick. You can feel if you have placed the tampon correctly or not. In case, it feels uncomfortable inside, remove and insert it again. Remember to listen your body!


The tampon is held in place by walls of the vagina and can be removed by pulling a string at the bottom when it has to be replaced. When the periods are heavy, we can replace it every two to four hours. Even if periods are light, the tampon needs to be replaced after five hours just to be safe. When buying tampons it is best to go in for well-known brands because you can be sure that no problems arise out of them. Clear instructions are given inside the pack on how to use and dispose.

What problems can I experience when using tampons?

Since tampons have to be inserted into the body, many teenagers don’t find it easy to use as sanitary pads. It takes a while before you get used to inserting it properly into the vagina. Those who are not emotionally comfortable with the idea or who find it difficult to insert tampons correctly are better off using pads.

There is a rare disease associated with the use of tampons, called Toxic Shock Syndrome which happens when the tampon is accidently used for more than eight hours. Some symptoms of this disease are high fever, headache, vomiting, low blood pressure and confusion. If you experience any of these problems, consult your physician right away. You can avoid this disease by can changing tampons every four hours. It is vital for teenagers to be aware of this disease because it is deadly and arise when they don’t replace tampons every few hours.

One key issue with using tampons is sexual activeness. As teenagers are not sexually active they find it difficult to use. It is better if they use slender tampons because they are small, can be easily inserted and removed. Once they get comfortable, they can opt for the super-absorbent types, which are thicker and longer.

What situations make using tampons ideal for me?

When into sports using tampons is very convenient because you can run or jump and do a range of physical exercises, without worrying about showing signs of periods. Tampons cannot be seen through clothes, even if you wear tight fitting ones. You can do a lot of swimming and using tampons helps to swim confidently without worrying on how to manage in the water during periods.

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