Tampons for Period: How to use it properly?

Most of the women who travel prefer using tampons instead of pads since they are very absorbent and discreet at the same time. If you are a first time tampon user, then it is a must you get advice from your female friends or relatives. Most of the tampons come with easy-to-follow instructions on the package.

The tampons come in different shapes, sizes and patterns. There are many things you must consider before purchasing tampons online. Always check for the brand name since it plays a vital role in determining the quality of the product. It is a must to choose reputed brands since they provide only the best products in the market. There are specific types of tampons available for both normal and heavy flow. Regardless the flow you have, it is mandatory that you change the tampons/pads once in every 6 hours.

You must frequently change the tampons every three hours if the flow is heavy. If you leave the tampons for more than eight hours, then you are more likely to get TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome). Since the tampon is placed inside the vagina, it provides a cozy environment for bacterial growth.

There are many easy ways to insert a tampon and use it properly. Firstly, you must remove the tampon very carefully from the cover and then insert it into the vagina slowly. You must not rush with this process since the tampons need to be placed correctly to absorb the liquid.

Some women prefer to insert the tampons while standing whereas others like to insert them in a sitting position. While inserting, you must ensure that the string is outside and is strongly attached to the tampon. Once the tampon is full, you can remove it safely after a few hours by gently pulling the string. To avoid getting TSS, it is a must that you follow certain guidelines. Always clean your hands before inserting a tampon. It is a must to change the tampons at least once in every 6 hours to prevent TSS. By using the right sized tampon, you can experience a comfortable menstrual cycle without straining yourself too much. You can also use pads at night and tampons in the daytime to avoid TSS or other related problems.

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