SPORT & HYGIENE. Now you can feel fresh even at a gym!

We got used to hear that sport is a health preserver and the positive impact of physical activities on health is proven by thousands of people all across the world. That is why nowadays different sport activities become more and more popular. Along with traditional sport disciplines like running, swimming or wrestling, modern ones like […]

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Periods At School?

What Should I do, If I Get Periods At School?

After attaining puberty, periods will come at regular intervals every month. Most of the girls won’t pay much attention towards such things. To some extent this is ok. However you should prepare yourself to deal with these happenings so as to gain confidence and a secured feeling. If you are at home, mother will be […]

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Symptoms Before A Period

Symptoms Before a Period

Every month before periods, your body begins to show its signs. These signs vary from person to person but they indicate that you will be getting them soon. Periods symptoms can start just a couple of days to even two weeks before your periods onset. When you recognize these symptoms, you have to prepare yourself […]

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period health

What your periods tell you about your health?

Did you know your period could be a monthly health report card? Your menstrual cycle not only informs you about the ‘time of the month’ but it also help make informed choices about diet, exercise and personal wellbeing. While the constant refrain amongst girls’ centres around punishing PMS — killer cramps, severe bleeding and discomfort, […]

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Why tracking your period is important?

Menstruation. Periods. That Time of month or on the rag. Some of the most common words ascribed to a woman’s monthly cycle –the most important aspects of womanhood. Yet it is the most overlooked aspect by most women when it comes to watching their health. While the common rhetoric about periods centres around cramps and […]

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