Symptoms Before a Period

Symptoms Before A Period

Every month before periods, your body begins to show its signs. These signs vary from person to person but they indicate that you will be getting them soon. Periods symptoms can start just a couple of days to even two weeks before your periods onset. When you recognize these symptoms, you have to prepare yourself to deal with them. You might have to take medications for some of them, while the others may just pass off after a short while.

What are the different symptoms experienced before a period?

A common one is body tiredness which can be so bad at times, that you feel really put out and unable to do physical activities. The body feels bloated making movement clumsy. Another symptom that some women experience is food cravings. This feeling to snack results in you eating lots of food just before the period starts.

Many women experience tenderness in their breasts to the point of it being very painful. Headaches are yet another problem that happens as is stomach cramps. Pain in the abdomen, thighs and back is yet another sing of periods coming. These symptoms can be dealt by taking medication prescribed by your physician, till they are relieved by onset of periods.

One of the most embarrassing signs of a period is acne. It sprouts all over the face right before periods and makes you look bad. Using some facial cream can help alleviate this problem. Symptoms of periods manifest themselves not only physically but also emotionally. You can feel depressed, moody and low right before periods start.

How to deal with period symptoms?

Why do women experience difficult physical and emotional problem before and during their periods? It is the result of hormones activity, what they eat and how they keep themselves physically fit. It is all normal and natural to have them.

However if they are very severe, steps need to be taken to reduce the distress. The key to this is having a balanced and nutritious diet. It is best to take more fruits and vegetables than packed foods. Cutting salt intake and drinking more water, fruit juices or milk will prevent bloating. Breast pain and swelling can be reduced by staying away from caffeine. If you cut down on sugary foods and take less alcohol, food cravings will subside.

The pain arising from period symptoms such as cramps, breast tenderness, body ache etc, can be relieved by taking pain killers. Your doctor will prescribe them and the usual advice is to take them three to five day prior to periods. They are to be taken three times a day to remove pain and make the body feel normal. Having them enables you to do physical activities without disturbance. You can go to work, take kids to the school, do the housework without feeling a huge load on the shoulders. If needed, you can also continue pain killer medication during periods. Women with severe mood problems are given low doses of anti depressant as it can effectively combat insomnia, irritability, moodiness and fatigue. 

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