Swimming During Periods: Is It Possible?

Can we swim during periods? This is one of the most common questions asked by women worldwide. Some say that it is next to impossible to swim during heavy periods, whereas others say it is indeed possible. Generally speaking, swimming is possible during your menstruation, provided you take the necessary steps. Regular swimmers know about this and hence they do not worry about swimming outdoors during their periods. The body experiences a change in the pressure since the gravitational force will not be felt in the water. This counter pressure will gridlock the menstrual flow and the bleeding will be on hold until you step out of the water. The flow will get collected in the uterus and will become normal once you finish swimming.

Using tampons or menstrual cups is one of the best ways to deal with heavy/light flow. It is safe to use hygienic tampons that are specifically designed to absorb more liquid. First time users should always opt for tampons since they absorb the blood quickly and offer a comfortable feeling. If you are experiencing a heavy flow, then it is a must that you use the right brand of tampons/pads to deal with the flow. The pads and tampons come in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can pick the one of your choice online and use them according to the flow. To be on the safer side, it is always advisable to use tampons since they arrest the blood before it leaves your body. Wearing a dark colored bathing suit will actually help a lot since the color will hide the stain in case if you have leakage.

Further, it is also a must to carry extra supplies of swim suits and tampons in case if you are planning to swim for a long time. Using the rest room before entering the pool is one way to stop extra flow. Choosing the right bathing suit is also important when going for a short or a long swim. Some suits do not absorb water and will wet your clothes. By choosing the right swimming suit, you can swim at ease without worrying about leakage. Menstruation is a normal process and there is nothing to worry about. Some women get stressed and irritated during their periods. This attitude will not allow you to enjoy taking part in any kind of outdoor activity be it swimming or partying.

Having periods should not stop you from doing what you like, especially taking part in fun activities. Swimming during periods will not only help reduce stress, but also reduce the menstrual pain. It will regularize your periods, help you stay active and feel rejuvenated. Women who suffer from problems such as PCOD and PCOS can also enjoy regular swimming since it will help balance irregular periods. With the help of the internet, you can get an in-depth knowledge about the various benefits of swimming. You can also check out a plethora of online sites and get details about the things you need to do when going for a swim during your periods. By using the right tampon, you will be able to enjoy swimming without worrying about leakage. So check out the various sites and get the tampons of your choice at the click of a button.

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