SPORT & HYGIENE. Now you can feel fresh even at a gym!

We got used to hear that sport is a health preserver and the positive impact of physical activities on health is proven by thousands of people all across the world. That is why nowadays different sport activities become more and more popular. Along with traditional sport disciplines like running, swimming or wrestling, modern ones like crossminton, sandboarding or even underwater cycling appear and attract people from all over the world. Women start to go to a gym as often as men and do not only cardio, but also strength exercises. It is easy to observe people who are running in the morning before going to work or doing yoga in parks.

All of this confirms that more and more people choose to be active and to follow a healthy lifestyle. But it is important to remember that healthy lifestyle means much more than just physical activities. It also includes proper nutrition and balanced diet, healthy sleep and, what is very important, proper hygiene. Staying clean and fresh should be part of every person’s life.

People who practice sport, experience sweating as a natural process of physical effort. It is often accompanied by unpleasant smell in gym changing rooms, a kit bag or sports equipment. And one shouldn’t worry as it is absolutely normal thing to sweat during exercises. However, there are ways to avoid unpleasant situations. Everyone should take shower immediately after each practice or competition. Use your own bottled soap and towel and don’t share them with others, let alone other toiletries. Studies have shown that transmission of infectious diseases can occur when these items are shared with other athletes. If you will not take shower immediately after a training, unpleasant smell might be easily noticed by your environment and make you feel uncomfortable. What is more, lack of hygiene causes infections, inflammations and other health problems, which could result in serious illness. To control sweating and body odour, one should always use special antiperspirants. They should be used not only when training, but also on daily basis, because antiperspirants reduce bacteria that cause body odour and prevent the sweat from reaching skin surface. Being fresh ensures the feeling of comfort and self – confidence.

It is also necessary to remember about adequate intimate hygiene. Taking proper care of intimate areas is crucial especially for women, regardless of their age or nationality. Doctors suggest to use special intimate wash instead of soap to clean the intimate areas – wash is very gentle and protects against intimate infections and bad smell.

Very often girls and women have doubts about doing sport during menstruation. There are still myths regarding this topic. According to gynecologists from North-Western University, there is no science-based reason to skip a workout when a girl has her period. What is more, moderate exercises might ease premenstrual tension and menstrual cramps. During a period, you can do the same things you do every other day. If you feel fine, proceed with your scheduled workout. But if you feel uncomfortable, you might want to skip your cardio dance class or long-distance run. In this case it is better to choose light yoga, easy bike ride or walking. Remember that even easy workout will make endorphins release, so you will feel better and also happier 🙂

The thing which stops many girls from doing sport during menstruation is fear of leakage and lack of comfort. Nowadays, the protection during exercises is guaranteed by modern, high quality sanitary products from Europe now available also in India. If you prefer using sanitary napkins, it is better to choose ultrathin product with very high absorbency. It is important to use just breathable products that allow air circulation, the best comfort and protection against irritations. For the most demanding women there are special sanitary napkins with delicate floral scent. No matter what exercise you do, with Deo Fresh sanitary napkin you will always stay fresh and comfortable with no worries about bad smell. Women who prefer to have absolute discretion combined with protection while training, might choose tampons. No matter what type of protection you choose, remember that all of us deserve to have the best comfort which allows to fully enjoy free time without worries of hygiene when practicing your favorite sport and following a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s be healthy, comfortable and clean together with Bella! 🙂



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