Sport Affecting Period: Tips To Overcome The Pain Of Menstrual Cycle!

Sport Affecting Period: Tips To Overcome The Pain Of Menstrual Cycle!

It is legitimate that menstrual cycle are the most traumatic times for a women. Protecting oneself from menstrual bleeding is the top-most health care for women. In old day, women were destined to use only cotton clothes that are folded into many forms. Today, the modern world has brought enough number of sanitary products into the market that has helped every women in every single way. The first of the kind is the disposable napkin. Plain pad, pads with wings, large, extra-large, complete absorption are some of Bella napkin products.

One of the advantage of a napkin with wings is that it helps in keeping the pad intact with the panties. Especially, it is very useful for those who rush to work every morning. Their professional duty haunts them all the time and in that busy schedule, they might not be noticing any stains. Hence, the pads with wings help in keeping the stains away from the corner of the panties and make you feel utterly comfortable. One need not have to worry about leaks or getting wet frequently. For those women who experience excessive bleeding, there are ultra-thin pads that absorb more fluid. This is ideal for such women and helps them throughout the day.

The main advantage of these sanitary pads are their thickness. They are light weight and hence even if you throw in the bin, they do not seem odd!

A good branded sanitary pad is today’s necessity. With increase in the number of manufacturer adding chemicals and petroleum products in the sanitary pads, there are very few like Bella sanitary pads that offer cotton-likepads. The cotton-like material used are fresh and clean. They do not come from recycled products and hence these napkins have high rating from women all over the world.

Sport affecting period is the worst experience for every sportswomen. There are best sanitary pads and tampons that help those women who take part in the sports. Especially in the sports like running, women are to take part actively and they don’t have time to even rest. This is the time when they have to use tampons or go for proper sanitary pads. There pads are specially made for sportswomen and are best ones in your back packs. Best solution is to use tampons! You can forget that you have period!

If you are a sport women, then it is time you get tampons. Don’t be afraid if it is your first contact with them, they are every sports women best friend in need. There are exercises that help in easing menstrual cramps. When you are suffering from menstrual cycle make sure you practice yoga positions. This helps in easing the pain during periods and boosts you in actively taking part in sports. There are even five minute work-outs that can relieve the pain within minutes. This can be practices before you enter the arena to compete with the others. It helps in motivating your self-confidence and with a proper sanitary pad and the best of exercise you can become a champion! 

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