Period Talk: How Can I Talk to My Mom?

A mom is her daughter’s best friend and yet, when it comes to having the first “girl talk” with our mothers, that fames friendship is someway just not apparent. Be it about periods, puberty, guys or any girl problem for that matter, when it’s time to get a conversation started with your mother, it just gets awkward. So the question is how should a girl keep the nervousness aside and start talking to her mom? Well, just remember that it wasn’t really long ago that your mom also had this awkward “girl talk” with her mother. Hence, she perfectly knows how you might be feeling about all of this. So all you just need to do is break the awkward silence and start the conversation.

The key to having the first “talk” with your mom is a three point strategy.

  • Keep it simple! Remember, it’s not a multi-million dollar business meeting but a simple intimate conversation with someone who loves you dearly! So instead of planning a whole protocol that will lead to the “talk”, just walk up to her and start off with a simple statement like “hey mum! How exactly did you feel about periods when you first had them? I feel so clumsy about it!” This effectively breaks the ice and then your mom will take it up from there.

  • Avoid awkwardness, be direct! Beating around the bush will only make nervousness grow and keep you from telling your mom the exact thing. So instead of brainstorming about what to say, directly stress on how you feel and what you want her advice on. Your mom is as good as your bestie and not your gyno who would expect those tough complicated details from you. Having a direct conversation will be easier for you to word out and for your mother to understand.

  • Still can’t say it? Then you can always write it down. Tiny notes and e-mails can be awesome and handy when having that awkward discussion directly with your mom is too difficult. Just leave her a small note about what’s irking you and rest assured that she would take it up from there.

But, before you have overcome your nervousness and decided that it’s time to put your foot down for implementing the above strategy, you will need to prepare yourself for the moment. It is important to realize that you are the person who understands your mom and yourself the best. So calm down, sit back alone and think on what exactly you want help with. After this is done, the next step is to ideating on the best way to start a conversation about it with your mother. Being the daughter, would just know what would click with your mom and when or how would be the right time to initiate a conversation. Putting some thought into the matter prior to the discussion will certainly help simplify things a great deal. Soon you’ll be talking your heart out to your mom and it will be the start of a beautiful mother-daughter relationship. Cheers!

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