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It has been a long time since the last post on this blog. But I have good news for you – from now you will have opportunity to learn not only about hygiene, but also about adventures of our team in incredible India.

So let’s start from introduction. My name is Ania and I am the head of Bella Training Programme –  educational platform lead as social responsibility of Bella India company. The main goal of our project is to increase the awareness about hygiene in India and to help women better understand their bodies, so they will feel more self-confident and happier.

That’s why since few months I travel all across Southern India and give trainings about health and hygiene. Why did I decide to do it? First of all, teaching has always been my true passion. But what is also important – for last few years I have worked as a teacher for adults and children in Poland, Ukraine and Turkey and realized that this job gives me huge satisfaction. Secondly, I worked for several NGO’s organizations, foundations and had opportunity to participate in different international projects. These experiences have helped me to expand my horizons and gave unforgettable memories. It encouraged me to move to India and start to share my knowledge with people who really need it here.

To be honest, it is not my first time in India. In 2012 I was studying in Kolkata. It was a student exchange programme for 6 month, but this time was enough for me to fall in love with this amazing country. During that time we had opportunity to travel a lot. The most interesting thing was that we travelled by train, but the cheapest class all the time. It allowed us to see the true life of Indian people. I will never forget this feeling – when you travel with big local family. Every woman is dressed in a colorful sari, with a lot of jewelry, hands of some of them are decorated with henna patterns. Everybody is drinking chai and eating samosa. And of course all of them are looking at us with huge interest.

And this one of the things which I have learned from these long trips by sleeper – Indian people are really curious about foreigners, they have a lot of questions to ask and histories to share. The other thing which I understood was that despite of the fact that India is one of the fast developing countries in the world, hygiene situation is one of the things which is lagging behind here.

When I was leaving India in December 2012, I have decided that one day I would certainly come here again. My dream came true and now I live in Bangalore. Bella Training Programme gave me the opportunity to travel and teach young Indian generation about importance of hygiene. I feel huge satisfaction after my trainings when I see eyes full of gratitude and happy faces of girls and women. Very often I am the only person whom they can ask questions about their bodies and hygiene. That is why I am very proud to be part of Bella India team and have the opportunity to share my knowledge with others. Now also I would like to share with you my histories from trips, so stay tuned.

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