Why skin irritations in intimate area happen and how to avoid them?

During my trainings at schools girls ask me different questions about their bodies, hygiene and problems they face. One of the most common complaints is about irritations and rashes during using of sanitary products, especially during period. I think this problem is really common in girls and women of all ages.

When I speak with older and married women, next to irritations very often they also mention the problem of feminine intimate infections. According the research conducted by “The Times of India” across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, common vaginal problems affect the quality of life of 45% of surveyed married women, and more than a half of them prefer to suffer in silence, without discussing it even with her partner. Doubtless, the reason of this situation is lack of proper hygiene, especially during period, and sexually transmitted infections during intercourse. It is important to understand the risks of it, because it’s not only a health problem which could pose a serious danger for a woman, but also could impact many aspects of her life, including her personal relationships and her self-esteem.

So what are the reasons of these problems which make our female life harder?

There are several reasons which could cause these unpleasant problems. First of all, it’s lack of proper hygiene. It is crucial to understand that feminine care is one of the most important issues during the woman’s life. Why? Because it affects her reproductive system and has an influence on ability of having children. That is why every girl and woman has to clean her intimate areas at least once in a day with special feminine wash, which is much more gentle than soap and doesn’t harm our natural bacterial flora. Another reasons that cause skin problems are climate, diet or the sanitary product which doesn’t match user’s needs or which is changed too rarely. But there is one more very important thing which is responsible for appearance of rashes, irritations and allergies and which should be concerned, especially in Indian hot climate – lack of air circulation. To provide the best care, a product has to be breathable.

If the product breathes, does it mean that it is less resistant to leakage?

Absolutely no! Breathable film is a very thin sheet containing a huge amount of pores. A single pore is much larger than a molecule of water vapor and thousand times smaller than a drop of water. That’s why it provides high vapor permeability and liquid impermeability of the product. The air can circulate bringing the best comfort of use and at the same time liquid is blocked inside of a product. Thanks to this, the skin is able to breathe while staying dry and is not irritated by liquids.


So what should we do to feel comfortable and safe?

First of all, we have to take care of our body and our hygiene. Moreover, we have to use high quality products with quality certifications and change used sanitary product at the right time. And, as it was mentioned above, the product has to be breathable to provide the best care for your skin and prevent against irritations.

Do you know that in Europe people use mostly just breathable products to make their skin feel comfortable and protect against irritations? So why Indian women can’t have access to the best quality products? Every woman deserves the best treatment. That is why I was shocked when realized that there are not many breathable products available in India. Nowadays there are a lot of brands and products for feminine hygiene available in the country, but the only breathable sanitary napkins in India are Bella napkins. Remember that you deserve the best comfort, especially during period! Additionally, everyday hygiene should be supported by breathable panty liners which provide discreet protection and feeling of freshness.

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Ladies, take care and be always fresh and healthy 😀


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