Don’t let period spoil the fun of trekking

A lot of girls are afraid of any activities during period. But menstruation shouldn’t limit you in anything. Especially if you planned for trekking, then it is sure that no one wants to miss the adventure. In this regard, keeping a track of the dates for periods will surely help in having more fun. But, sometimes nature plays its own part and a shift in the date can turn out to be really uncomfortable. This is the reason that such days should be dealt with smartly and intelligently.

  1. Talking about the period with the trekking group leader is not a problem. It is because they are trained in handling such situations. All a woman has to do is discuss her issue with the leader and come out with the immediate situation. Moreover, the leader will also guide the woman on maintaining the hygienic factor too.

  2. Rightly disposing of the sanitary pads or tampons is mandatory because hygienic factors have to be considered on trekking. Being hazardous to the nature’s lifestyle, they should not be left open. Indeed, it is mandatory for the women to dispose of them properly. In this concern, carrying zip lock bags is required because the used pads can be stored in this and disposed of a bit later suitably.

  3. Besides this, keeping personal hygiene at the time of trekking is also mandatory. This may involve carrying out enough amounts of pads and the wet wipes. Indeed, it is essential for the person to keep changing pads frequently and dumping it in the zip lock packet. This will help the women to stay away from the proliferation of germs. In this regard, keeping hand sanitizers and extra clothes for emergency situations is necessary. After all, hygiene should not be compromised further.

  4. Period is a time with immense stomach pain for some and a cool time slot for others. For the women falling in the category of painful periods, there is a need to keep medication on the way to trekking as excessive pain may refrain her from experiencing adventure in the entire trekking journey. It is advised to take the medications from the first day to avoid worst conditions.

  5. Finally, keeping a track of the menstrual date is mandatory, so that the plans can be made as per them. Also, the needed preparations to keep necessary accessories in the bag are surely met. Such things are considered as the best accessible heath in times of trouble.

Periods are one such situation that demands a bit care in practicing adventurous activities. By taking care of above mentioned things, no one can stop a woman from enjoying every moment of her trekking experience. After all, the fun will never end if conditions are dealt smartly with preparations made before hand.

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