Importance of Menstrual Hygiene

Even in present era menstruation is often not discussed openly and the silence of it in young girls is keeping them ignorant of this biological function. Proper advice and knowledge often lack among many young girls on their physiological process and hygienic practices that should be followed.

Unfortunately menstruation being taboo in society is preventing girls to discuss their needs and problems related to it. Due to this hygiene management is misunderstood and the practices which are ignored sometimes result into an adverse outcome. If menstrual hygiene is not given importance, it will raise the risk of reproductive infections and affect your health issues. Motivation plays a very important role in hygiene practice. By giving a correct message of hygiene lot of girls will learn how to keep them safe from a negative outcome of being unhygienic.

Menstruation is a very phenomenal process but it is still regarded as dirty and unclean in India. Even today at some parts of our country girls are not allowed into kitchen temples, around grains or any edible storage. Now the question will be WHY? The answer is because they may take away the pristine environment of the temple and unpleased god and rotten up the edibles. Isn’t it silly to even think that in today’s advanced and developing world?

Increase in knowledge of menstruation hygiene can be very useful and effective. This knowledge can be very easily being given to a girl by her mother. She is the one who will consider her daughter importance and give her proper instruction and advice about menstruation. 

Every Mother should talk to her daughter regarding the significance and hygiene practices. By mothers support every girl will have a positive attitude and action.

Privacy for washing, changing, and cleaning is very important. Here are some ways girls can keep check on themselves during their periods:

  • Use of sanitary napkins instead of cotton or cloth.

  • Regular change of napkins in a day will keep the doctor away.

  • Wash yourself regularly if not wipe yourself with tissue paper before changing to next.

  • Never ever use soap for intimate areas.

  • Correct washing techniques that are from vagina to anus to avoid bacterial infection and urinary tract infection.

  • Have a bath on a regular basis.

  • Regular trimming of intimate hair.

  • Avoid skin fit denims or pants.

Ignorance reveals that hygiene portion is far away to think about. Mothers should be very concerned about her daughter in her time. Mother’s educate to her child is very important. Girls must be pulled out of traditional belief, misconception, and restrictions because health comes on first hand. Right step can prevent situations of embarrassment and by that turns you confident.

The taboo of menstruation also does worse to the gender. Lack of facilities like clean water, sanitation etc causes infection.

Menstrual hygiene can be raised by many means- advancing education, ensuring health, strengthening the economy, protecting environment, changing attitude of boys and men, overcoming the historic believe sand taboo.

Be proud because you are a LADY.

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