Periods can mess up a woman’s life. The menstrual cramps, the irritation, the discomfort and of course the PMS have their own share to play in it. While simple measures and a little awareness can go a long way in dealing with the above irritants during periods, irregular menstruation is something that might be a cause of worry. In this note we will discuss the to-do points for irregular periods and also understand what needs to be done to ease the bad cramps that often accompany periods.

Irregular periods are more common than we would have us believe. If the periods happen early or late once in a while, it might be due to a variety of reasons, most of which are cause of no worry. However, if irregular periods persist for more than two months then it is best to seek a gynecologist’s advice on the matter. It might be due to a range of reasons like hormonal disorders, obesity, ovarian cysts, stress or a variety of other factors. Cramps, on the other hand, are caused by chemicals called prostaglandins which result in contraction of the muscles in the uterus resulting in pain. While cramps are pretty common too, in case of excruciating pain, it is best to reach out to a gynecologist for help. Here are a few tips that might help –

  • Avoid self-medication in all circumstances! Even if the problem seems minor, reach out and seek medical help.
  • For instant comfort during menstrual cramps, take a warm water bath or use a hot water bag over the agitated area.
  • Irregular periods also mean that you might start bleeding suddenly when you are least looking forward to it. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, keep sanitary napkins and an extra pair of undergarments nearby.
  • Excessive fat in the body can disrupt the menstrual cycle.  Regular exercise not only helps one keep fit but also helps avoid any disruptions to the menstrual cycle which might result from morbid obesity.
  • Keep close track of your menstrual cycle when you feel that there might be some irregularity that has been happening. Maintain a period calendar that would help you identify exactly how late or early the periods are occurring. This can also be a good reference for the doctor you are visiting too.
  • Irregular periods do not just mean irregularity in the time of occurrence of the period but also abnormalities in the flow. It might be the result of a variety of factors including any present medication that you are consuming or even due to birth control medication. Have a detailed discussion with the gynecologist to identify the actual cause and its implications on you.

Irregularities in menstruation can be a scary thing for many girls out there. But, one must always remember that with proper care and some medical help, it can be taken care of pretty easily. So stay healthy and stay safe.

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