How to Deal With a Heavy Period at night?

How to Deal With a Heavy Period at night?

Let alone the abdominal cramps and back pain, a heavy period at night poses another problem, stains. To have a sound undisturbed sleep during menstruation, it is important to know how to deal with a heavy period at night. Nothing is impossible, so is dealing with this. There are various ways to go to bed not fearing about having a poor sleep because of periods or fearing about having leaks.

Almost every woman loathes a heavy period at night for a simple reason, leak. A few ways to manage this:

Using Long pads:
A simple idea to overcome a superfluous period at night is to use a maxi pad. The sanitary pads companies have made a variety of pads to take care of this one problem. There are XXL pads with length of 315mm with longer back that will protect you at the place you need the most during night.

Using leak-proof panties:
There are leak-proof panties available at market. These especially serve the purpose of giving a worry free sleep to the one who wears it and ensures that the clothes and sheets do not get stained.

Using a Menstrual Cup:
Menstrual cup is a suction cup. It is worn internally and is leak-proof. It can also be worn upto 12 hours and is even considered healthier to tampons.

Using a tampon and a pad:
In health forums, women advise using a tampon together with a pad during heavy periods at night, as long as the tampons can be taken off in 8 hours. The pad with the wings is preferable. Although some of gynecologists do not recommend using tampons during night.

Using two pads:
A simple yet a very innovative idea of putting two pads, one trailed by the other can ensure the full coverage of the flow. This eliminates the possibility of any leaks both the front and the back regions.

Tight clothing:
Aspandex helps always,meaning a tight clothing instead of a loose clothing helps the pad stay in place and not move to leak.

Sleeping position:
Curling up and closing the legs during periods helps in avoiding leakages. If the legs are spread across, there is a feeble chance that the pads can catch all the widespread flow.

Using a sheet or towel:
Even if utmost care of taken to stay leak-free, the disaster is inevitable sometimes. In such cases, it is always a smart idea to use a towel or sheet beneath to ensure not ruining the bed sheets.

Using Disposable panties:
Disposable panties are available in the market and using them is a brilliant idea given the pain of washing one has to go through if there are stains. This is also hygienic.

Shower before sleep:
It is both comforting and healthy to have a shower before sleep, especially during periods. Putting the sanitary pads or cloth pads or spandex just before going to sleep will help avoiding overflowing.

Never the less, the sanitary pads companies are coming up with more and more better solutions for a heavy period at night. A good night’s sleep is important for health and it need not be given up for periods. There always is a solution.

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