Holidays in The God’s Own Country – part II

Few weeks ago I started to share with you my adventures from Kerala. You can read the first part here.

We came to the bus station in Kochi and realized that bus to Munnar has just left, so we had to wait one hour for the next one. It was funny, because all the announcements were in local language, the same as destinations written on the busses. But with help of local people we managed to get into the right bus 🙂


The following 5 hours of journey passed very quickly and was very comfortable. Do you believe it? You better not, because I am joking 😀 The truth is that it was very difficult for us to travel by local bus full of people in such a hot weather. The temperature in Kerala reaches 40 degreees at the beginning of April.

We got to Munnar in the evening. Then, I was just dreaming to get to the hotel and take a shower. I even started to imagine how nice it will be to sit outside with a cup of tea and enjoy the view. What else I can drink in the heart of tea trade of India.

Unfortunately, I had to postpone my plans… We reached a beautiful hostel which is built in the middle of tea plantations. The view was stunning, like from a post card! But the owner of the hostel was sorry to inform, that there is no room for us, because a guy who supposed to leave in the morning got very sick and had to stay. Unhappy, but understanding, we had to find a new hotel, which fortunately turned out to be nice as well.

The next morning a pre-ordered rikshaw picked us up from the hotel. After delicious local breakfast with masala dosa and chai we went for the whole day trip to see the most beautiful places of Munnar. We had our own driver, whose name was Madhu and who was very friendly and experienced. He knew what to show us and how to make sure that we will remember the beauty of Munnar forever. Actually everything we saw was charming! I have never seen so much green before! Madhu was trying hard to explain and comment each place we passed, what was adorable, because his English was not very good and the views didn’t actually require any additional explanation – they were just gorgeous. Uncountable numbers of hills covered in coat of green, diversified from time to time by trees or huge rocks that resemble elephants lying in grass. The view made a huge impression on me.  And then I understood why the night bus to Kerala, which I described in the previous part, was so green 😀 Tea plantations looked like pictures from the different universe. We visited many beautiful places, saw hundreds shades of green and took a lot of stunning pictures.


We passed many tea gardens which, together with surrounding mountains, made breath taking sceneries. My favourite place was Top Station. This place is located about 30 km from Munnar and it is the highest point of this city – around 2 km above the sea level. The place falls on the Kerala – Tamil Nadu border, so it was funny for me to transfer so fast from one state to another 🙂 Top Station got its name because at this point was the uppermost railway station located in this region. Of course we got to know about it from our driver 🙂 Top Station is also famous for unique flowers which bloom just once in twelve years. Unfortunately, we did not see it, because the next flowering season will be in 2018. Anyway, it is a good opportunity to visit this place again in 2018 🙂  In Top Station we enjoyed the panoramic view of Western Ghats mountains and the tea valley. For me it looked like from fairy – tale! You can imagine dwarfs or hobbits living in their small houses somewhere in the valley 😀 I had a feeling that clouds were just a hand touch away from me, what I have never experienced before.

On our way back to Munnar we passed some viewpoints which were extremely crowded as tourists wanted to memorize their stay in Munnar. They took hundreds of pictures pretending to be a tea-garden workers. The locals provide all necessary equipment – a very big basket which has to be placed on the head, headband to protect against the sun and tea leaves to hold in hands– all made pictures very realistic. Madhu told us that he doesn’t like when tourists do so, because the life of true garden workers is totally different from the pictures. Those people work very hard, often without access to basic facilities.

The next day we caught the bus to Allapey. During a very long journey I had a lot of time to put my thoughts together and to get ready for an adventure in the new city. To be continued…




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