Holidays in The God’s Own Country – part I

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In my last post I shared with you how do I work in India and what Bella Training Programme is (you can read it here). Now I would like to write about my free time. It is a good moment for it, because I have just come back from holidays in Kerala. Even though it took just one week, I had so many adventures, that the post has to be divided into three parts 😀


One of many beautiful views in Kerala

My first holiday challenge started on Saturday’s evening when we had to catch the night bus from Bangalore to Kochi. You could think that is not a challenge, but believe me, for foreigners it is! We arrived to the place which was not even a bus station. It was just normal main road with a lot of bus companies’ offices there, many busses on different sides of the road and huge crowd of people looking for the right bus. After checking, I realized that none of the busses is mine. Fortunately, I had a contact number to the driver, so I called him. And there was another challenge – the driver didn’t speak English, so we couldn’t communicate. But actually there is not a challenge for me anymore, because I face this problem very often in Bangalore, so I knew what to do. I used my favourite tactic – stop a random person on the street, give him my phone and ask to communicate with the driver. This time it was a tall and skinny guy around 25 years old with perfect English, a student probably. He was very happy to help me. In Europe I would never do so, but here in India sometimes is the only way to communicate. Fortunately, people whom I met in India are always very friendly and ready to help. So after short time I was sitting in my bus ready for departure.

Sleeper busses – I didn’t even know they exist. Until I came to India 🙂 I was very surprised when I got inside the bus. It was totally green! Everything – beds, curtains, bed liners, pillows and even the carpet. What’s more – it also had green neon light inside and local music! So I felt like in some kind of green style disco 😀 Anyway, it was very comfortable and we reached Kochi early in the morning.



One of the streets of Kochi

The plan was to spend few hours in Kochi and then catch a bus to Munnar. So not to lose time, we went directly to the Fort Kochi. It was very early, so most of the restaurants were closed. Going through almost empty streets, I saw the city waking up – fishermen started to display seafood which they have just caught. Many of them use famous Chinese fishing nets. Street vendors prepared food and rikshaw drivers drank chai.


Chinese fishing nets are still in use


Morning catch

I had a nice time walking through beautiful and narrow streets of Fort Kochi and Jewish town. Around midday we decided to go to the train station. I was very surprised, because the first rikshaw we asked was ready to drop us to the bus station for our price. In Bangalore it is very unusual, because the price is never known – no meter, meter plus 20 RS, double meter and etc. 🙂 And after few minutes I realized why this driver agreed on our price so fast – he wanted to invite me to see the shops of his friends. It turn out to be a very popular catch for tourists. But we are not tourists, so I convinced the driver to get us directly to the station. But all the time he was complaining that he had made a very bad deal 😀

At the bus station they said that the bus to Munnar has just left…To be continued.





Streets in Fort Kochi

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