Emergency Period Kit: A Lifesaver In Time Of Need

Emergency Period Kit:

Are you expecting your periods anytime soon? Then, it is a must that you have an emergency period kit with you. A period kit can come in handy and it is mandatory that you have one with when you are traveling outside. You can make your own kit by purchasing things from stores and use it when you need them. The kit should contain all the necessary items that you will normally use during the menstrual cycle. You can have more than one kit and save them in your car, purse or even at office. Always choose the right bag or purse to hold these items. Makeup bags or zippered purse make a good choice as they come with many small pockets for storing small items.

The size of the purse depends on your choice of items that you want to store. If you are experiencing a heavy flow, you can choose a larger kit to store items. It is necessary to choose a plastic bag instead of a see-through purse since the contents will be visible. The kit should contain all the mandatory items such as panty liners, pads or tampons, medicines if any, sanitizers, extra panties, and so on. Based on your needs, you can also carry a small pack of wipes or clean towels in your kit. You can always keep a note of the things in your kit and replenish them when needed. Your emergency kit should also contain a plastic bag for disposing used napkins. If you are having any other items that you need to carry, you can include them in your emergency kit.

Even though you may carry two to three pads, choosing the right size is also important. Carry two to three pads of different sizes since you may not know how your flow will be. If you are planning to travel for a week or two, then it is a must that you carry a large bag with all the necessary accessories. Some women tend to have a heavy flow during traveling time due to stress and hence they tend to carry many pads with them. This is indeed a good thing as you may not have a store nearby where you can purchase items that are required during your menstrual time. Most of the women tend to use a cosmetic bag since it comes with many compartments both big and small.

If you are planning to take this kit to college, then you must have one in your bag and one in your locker. For those who do not know how to pack an emergency kit, you can always surf the internet and get the required information. There are many sites that provide information and tips on how to make your own period emergency kit. You can refer these sites and design your own kit that you can carry all the time. Instead of spending a lot of money by purchasing expensive emergency kits, you can make one on your own and save money. Further, you can also be at peace since you will have the necessary items with you all the time. This is one of the best ways to be safe during your periods.

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