Eating During Periods – What Should Be A Must And What Should Be Avoided?

Eating During Periods

Women undergo many uncomfortable symptoms during their menstrual cycle. Some of the common symptoms include bloating, breast tenderness, constipation, food craving, mood swings and fatigue. Some women eat a lot during their periods whereas some skip food due to mood swings and other problems. Food items also play a vital role in inducing stress hormones during your periods; hence it is a must that you know which food to avoid. Most of the women experience severe pain during their menstrual cycle which will cause them to take pain killers and other medications. Taking such pills may give a temporary relief, but will cause problems later on. Understanding what your body is going through is a must during the periods and it is also a must that you avoid certain foods.

Beverages and caffeinated foods must be avoided during your period at all cost. Food items rich in caffeine content such as chocolates, soft drinks and coffee must not be taken when you are going through your menstrual cycle. These food items tend to increase depression and anxiety and hence must be avoided. Instead of drinking coffee and other beverages, you can consume green tea and drink plenty of water. Processed foods must also be avoided during this time since they contain a lot of fat, sodium and other unwanted contents. Fresh fruits, meat, nuts and vegetables must be taken as they contain low sodium content, which is indeed very good for health. Eating a lot of papaya during mensuration must be avoided since it will induce a heavy flow. Some women love to consume fatty food during their periods since it provides them a feeling of fullness.

This is something that must be avoided as fatty foods will lead to hormonal imbalance and cause further problems. Fried beef, dairy products, burgers, fried chips, etc are some of the foods that must be avoided during mensuration. There are women who crave for sweets during this time since the blood sugar level will change during the periods. Eating foods rich in sugar may provide a comfortable feeling, but it will also result in tension and mood swings. To control your craving, you can choose fruit salads instead of sugar bites. There are certain food items that must be included in your diet during mensuration. Some of them include zucchini, strawberries, fortified cereals, peppermint tea, tuna, salmon, flax seeds, etc. By eating healthy food during your periods, you can avoid muscle cramps, body pain, headaches, and other problems.

Some women tend to drink excess alcohol which must be avoided during menstrual days. Taking alcohol will lead to pre-menstrual depression, which will affect your everyday activities. There are also people who take junk food rich in calories due to period-induced urges. This may give a good feeling, but will result in bloating and constipation. Instead of following a nutritious diet only during the period days, you can start doing it beforehand. Eating healthy diet will help you stay fit and fine throughout your life. Avoiding junk food will reduce a majority of the health problems. Instead of junk food, you can start taking fresh fruits, nuts, cereals and green leafy vegetables for a happy and easy period. So start eating healthy and stay happy during your periods! 

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