Don’t let period destroy your holidays

Holidays are perfect opportunity to spend time with family and relatives. Nowadays many people are so busy, that holidays are very often the only chance in a year to enjoy time with the loved ones. There are many ways to do it. Some of us prefer to gather with family around a festive table, while others visit relatives, exchange gifts or even go for a family trip together. Whatever activity you choose, you need to be sure that your personal hygiene won’t interrupt magnificent moments with the most important people in your life.

Many girls worry that because of menstruation at the time of holidays, they can’t fully enjoy celebrations. Some of them even use unsafe and unhealthy methods to postpone period. But don’t forget that it is a normal time of woman’s life and we can do everything we normally do. All we need to have is the best protection and comfort.

Check some useful tips below how to make your holidays memorable even during period:

How to prepare for a trip?

A lot of people live far from families. If you need to travel during your period, prepare for it beforehand. Choose the right product for a trip and bring hygiene products with you. It might be a good idea to use a longer sanitary napkin, even if you don’t have heavy bleeding. The best would be products of XXL size and breathable – it will protect you from skin irritations. Make sure you carry with you at least a few additional sanitary napkins. It is better to choose thin and individually packed pads – they are more absorbent than classic thick ones and also you can be sure that pads will stay clean and hygienic in your bag. If you prefer to use sanitary napkins without individual wrapping, make sure you have disposal bag, optionally newspapers or tissues to wrap used pad before disposing.

During a trip you may also need intimate wet wipes – they are perfect solution to clean and refresh intimate areas. It is very important to choose special wet wipes dedicated for female hygiene, because they don’t contain alcohol and are extremely gentle to protect your private parts from infections. For even better comfort, pack all hygiene products in a small separate bag to carry to toilet

How to stay protected during day time?

To stay comfortable, use just air breathable sanitary napkins. Thanks to this unique feature from Europe you won’t have skin irritations and will be able to participate in all activities. Make sure that the product you use effectively protects from leakages to enjoy the time of celebration. You have to choose the size of sanitary napkin based on intensity of your menstrual flow. If you have regular flow, choose L size. In case of heavy flow, the most comfortable will be XL Heavy Flow size. If XL Heavy Flow is not sufficient, XXL size might be for you. Don’t forget to change sanitary napkins regularly, after 6 to 8 hours.

Stay comfortable and safe during night time

Take shower before going to sleep. To clean you private parts, use special feminine wash. It is much gentler than soap. It not only cleans your intimate areas, but also protects from irritations, moisturizes and gives you an exceptional feeling of freshness. For night time choose pads in XXL size of pads. Use products dedicated for night time – that info should be mentioned on a pack.

Many families spend holidays out of a city and very often choose seaside as final destination. That is why many girls wonder, if it is possible to swim during period?

Can you go swimming during period?

You may have heard the myths that you can’t. But the truth is that you actually can go for swimming during your period. What is more, it can really help you to deal with cramps and menstrual pain. Unfortunately there’s no real way to go swimming whilst on your period if you only wear sanitary napkin. But if you use a tampon, which has to be inserted into the vagina, there’s no need to worry about any leakages. If you need discreet, but solid protection, tampons are the best for you. Just remember to change them regularly, every 6 hours, and also after swimming.

Holidays are magnificent time to spend wonderful moments with people you care about the most. Remember that family is not only your blood, but first of all people who accept you for who you are, want to see you smiling and love you no matter what. Everyone deserves to spend at least few days just enjoying the company of our loved ones. Let Bella take care of your comfort and just have a nice time with your family!

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