Causes of irregular periods

The problem of irregular periods is a common concern in a woman’s life. These abnormalities can give rise to several conditions that may have heavy and painful. But, they are not unmanageable. With the assistance of specified medicines, the woman can get over her problem of unbearable pain in the abdomen because of irregularities in a menstrual period. This time period comes for around 5 to 6 days in every month; but, many women get irregular cycles that may include crossing the due date or periods before the due date too.

The normal menstrual cycle is meant for 28 days, which may include one week early or late. Now, generally, the state of irregular periods is considered, when there are periods that happen frequently in 21 days and lasts for more than 8 days in normal conditions. This is a serious health issue that needs immediate attention as this can lead to troublesome health problems making things difficult to manage. But, in this regard, there is a need to consider a variety of causes and its effects on the health.

Causes of Irregular Periods:

  1. Excessive exercising and dieting:

Strenuous exercises may lead to a change in body metabolism leading to shift in the periodic cycle. Along with this, there may be a problem in managing the same condition in terms of underweight or going through dietary problems.

  1. Stressful Life:

Stress is the cause of various problems and irregular menstrual time is one such aspect also. Certainly, short term anxiety or worries about some issue can turn out to be a disaster for a hormonal balance that may derail the train off the track.

  1. Birth Control Pills:

Taking birth control pills regularly can affect the hormonal balance that may lead to irregular periods. This condition may lead to missed periods or even lesser bleeding that the usual ones or even twice in a month menstrual cycle.

  1. Age Factor:

Girls starting to have periods may come across the irregular menstrual cycle, which may take a couple of years to settle; while, the women leading to menopause problem may also feel such irregularity.

Effects of Irregular Periods:

  1. Ovarian Cancer:

A recent study in California revealed that the women with irregular menstrual periods have 2.5 percent higher risk for catching ovarian cancer than the ones having a normal cycle. It is because of the hormonal problems that lead to irregular periods and the results may be disastrous. And negligence in dealing with this cancer may lead to the death too.

  1. Fertility Issues:

Though, irregular periods might not be a big risk for many women; but, the ladies suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome might have the risk of fertility problem that needs to treat well on time to avoid worst situations.

  1. Increased Heart Diseases:

Some ladies having irregular periods on regular basis might lead to stress that results ultimately in anxiety and heart problems.

  1. Diabetes:

Tension is the root cause of various diseases including diabetes and irregular periods can be really troublesome for the women to deal with.

With so many health problems associated with irregular periods, there is a need to take precautionary measures by taking balanced diet and avoiding stress at all. After all, this problem may lead to serious health complications in the future that might not give a second chance for curing.

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