Best Age To Talk About Periods

Talk About Periods

When the thought about discussing periods with your daughter comes to mind, you are often bombarded with questions like

  • How can I open up?

  • Is this the right time to start?

  • Will she understand and take it rightly? Etc…

Anyhow, we will have to talk about it at home at the right time and so there is no backing out. In search of answers we get back to our old days when mom opened up. It might have been a stern lecture on what periods are and why they happen to women. Though we get an idea, this isn’t suitable for the modern children as they demand better answers. You need to explain gently and make them understand such that the first big day is dealt with appropriately.

Why is it important to discuss about periods?

Taking about periods to your child can be difficult at first, but once you get going everything is fine. Mothers discussing about periods with their daughters make them feel secure and fine about it. It doesn’t come as a surprise when they first experience and so the situation is handled well by the child herself. She will use the pad correctly and dispose it of hygienically which is a very important.

What is the best age to talk about periods?

Ten or eleven is just the right age. Any time sooner or later would be inappropriate. Children who are below ten years might not fully understand what we say. If your child is ten and quite matured you can confidently open up the topic. She will definitely understand what menstruation is all about. A child older than twelve might have got an explanation at school. So, the job is easy and she already knows how to use a pad if she happens to get her period.

One good way to start on this topic is when the child comes across feminine hygiene products while walking down the aisle in the supermarket or in the bathroom. She might ask about it out of curiosity and you can start discussing.

What should you discuss with your child?

While discussing about period, you have to tell her that it is natural and part of a woman’s life. If your girl is old enough tell her about female reproductive organs and what happens in them when periods occur. This is good for your daughter. She understands the menstrual cycle rightly and it alleviates fear.

You should also tell her about the physical changes that she will undergo once menstruation begins. Explain about the common problems like headache, body pain or cramps etc during periods. It is a good idea to teach your girl to mark her period days on a personal calendar. This way you can note the cycle and check if her periods are regular.

All said, do remember that managing periods shouldn’t be tough for your child with several aids available handy. It’s just that she should know the what’s and why’s of period so that her first experience is made better and tension free.

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