Bella Training Programme helping girls in India

In the last post (and the first one at the same time 🙂 ) I wrote that the main goal of Bella Training Programme is to increase awareness about hygiene in India. Probably many of you wonder, how we do it. Maybe some of you even think that one project can’t improve the situation regarding hygiene or that India doesn’t need this kind of help at all. So this post is to clarify how does Bella Training Programme work and what do I actually do 🙂

First of all, Bella Training Programme consists of few parts. Firstly, there are trainings about health and hygiene for female students at schools and colleges. Secondly, we provide educational sessions for teachers. Our team also plans to implement trainings for female employees at private companies and different institutions. In this post I would like to focus just on Bella Training Programme for female students, which is run by our company since 2006 and during this time thousands of girls participated in it.

1One of my first trainings in Bangalore.
Imagine – there is a big room with at least 100 ladies in it. Just women, no men are allowed to listen about women’s secrets 🙂 Girls could be at different age – very often they are between 13 to 16 years old, sometimes younger, sometimes older. No matter what school it is, primary, secondary or college, ladies are always dressed in cute uniforms, have nicely braided hair and big eyes full of curiosity. They always look at me with huge interest, some of them wave to me, and others are shy, so they just smile at me.

2Training in Mangalore.

And then we start…When I firstly say what are we going to talk about, most of girls feel embarrassed – they try to cover their faces and some of them smile bashfully. Yes, I know that talking about puberty is difficult for many girls at that age. That is why I always try to have an easy-going conversation, talk about my experience, joke and play some videos. Girls open up – they understand that process of becoming a woman is something absolutely natural, so nobody should be ashamed of it.
Bella Training Programme is always adjusted to different age groups – with younger girls we discuss basic subjects, with older girls we go more into details of biological process of becoming a woman.

3Training in Krishnagiri.
When this part is explained, we focus on hygiene – how to stay clean and fresh every day as well as during period. I explain how to use and dispose sanitary napkins, panty liners or tampons (for older girls). Some teachers tell me that their school has a problem with the wrong way of disposing sanitary napkins, but there are also schools where girls perfectly know about proper disposal. We also talk about healthy diet, sports and daily hygiene. Most of the girls hear about such important things for the first time in their lives.

4Lovely girls during one of the trainings in Bangalore.
At the end, every girl feels so relaxed and self-confident at the same time, that she can easily ask all questions which bother her. Some questions are similar in each school – girls are worried about health issues such as white discharges, irritations or irregular periods. Quite often I am asked quite a surprising question: Can I go to a temple during period?
I always try to understand the reasons of such questions, I try to help as much as I can. Girls always mention how grateful they are for coming and talking to them about becoming a woman. But I can understand it even without words – everything is in their eyes, full of happiness and gratitude. And it makes me happy. In such moments I feel Bella Training Programme is a great project.

5Discussion after the training.
So could the one project change the situation regarding hygiene in India? Definitely not! But thanks to Bella Training Programme hundreds of girls every week become more self-confident and get the answers to questions they can’t ask their mothers or teachers. We believe that an educated woman is a healthy woman. And a healthy woman is a happy woman, who can also pass forward the knowledge about hygiene and make a small steps towards improving health and hygiene situation.

6Another training in Bangalore.
Last week I was in Krishnagiri, where I had the trainings for more than 500 girls. Few weeks ago I was in Mangalore and had a training with 3000 participants! In Bella Training Programme we believe that step by step we can help to increase awareness about hygiene in India and make Indian women happier. Would you like to join us?

7Women in India choose to be educated and healthy!

8Typical women love to take pictures 😀

9Unexpected pictures are always the best 😛

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