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Undoubtedly, awareness about menstruation is increasing in India. It doesn’t happen rapidly, but still positive trend can be easily observed. Nowadays, there are many social projects and organizations which encourage to openly discuss menstruation. For example, I remember few initiatives made by students at different universities in Delhi and other cities – sanitary napkins with texts against stigma surrounding menstruation were stuck around the campuses. While the authorities took them down, the message was spread all across India.

Menstruation used to be a taboo, but now it is considered to be an absolutely normal thing given to women by nature to enable childbirth. Period is something that women should not be ashamed of! I really believe that Bella Training Programme had its own impact on it – since 2006 thousands of girls were educated on health and hygiene by our team and I am absolutely sure that this knowledge helps to be healthier and feel more self-confident.

In some countries feminist organizations go one step further and declare that women deserve to have days off during the time when they have period. In my opinion this initiative is ambiguous. From one hand, that would be awesome to stay in bed and just relax 😀 Especially that according to U.S. National Library of Medicine, cramps, headaches and exhaustion associated to menstruation affect billions women all across the world and are the main reason that ladies take a day off at work. Like majority of women, I also experience these symptoms, so I would have nothing against having an additional holiday 🙂 But on the other hand, I think this idea makes women weaker. Remember that nowadays we are superwomen in daily life, we face different challenges and aim to achieve the goals. We can be equally smart and effective 30 or 31 days in a month. Menstruation is a totally usual thing which every woman across the globe experiences monthly. It is not a disease! It is a normal time of ladies’ life. What we need is the best protection and the most comfortable products to let us do everything we always do.

Of course some women suffer from really intense pain during their menstruation. In this case it might be needed to stay at home. But rest of us are able to function normally, regardless of period symptoms. We just need to have exceptional protection all the time, also at work. As per my experience, ladies tend to be so busy dealing with different tasks, that there is simply no time to think about menstrual hygiene. Meetings, presentations, projects, business trips – there are many things we need to handle every day. Sometimes we even don’t have time to change a sanitary napkin. That is why we must have the best protection. A product that is very absorbent, effectively protects from leakages and eliminates unpleasant smell. A product that gives the best comfort without skin irritations. A product that actually makes us forget about period and allows to fully concentrate on our responsibilities.

The first time in India, Bella presents the ONLY AIR BREATHABLE sanitary napkins that effectively protect against skin irritations. If a product is not breathable, it may lead to intimate infections and even serious diseases. Bella Heavy Flow pads are made especially for women who experience ether intense flow or just want to have more absorbent product which can be used for longer.

Remember, we are strong every day! We just deserve to have the best comfort. Once we have it, we are able to do everything, even conquer the world 🙂

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