Should I use Tampons or Pads?

Teen Corner: Should I use Tampons or Pads?

What kind of feminine hygiene products should a teenager use? When we girls first start menstruating, it takes a while to use pads correctly. It should be placed correctly and disposed of properly. Products that can be used instead of sanitary napkins are tampons. Can they be used by teenage girls and is it safe […]

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Symptoms Before A Period

Symptoms Before a Period

Every month before periods, your body begins to show its signs. These signs vary from person to person but they indicate that you will be getting them soon. Periods symptoms can start just a couple of days to even two weeks before your periods onset. When you recognize these symptoms, you have to prepare yourself […]

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Talk About Periods

Best Age To Talk About Periods

When the thought about discussing periods with your daughter comes to mind, you are often bombarded with questions like How can I open up? Is this the right time to start? Will she understand and take it rightly? Etc… Anyhow, we will have to talk about it at home at the right time and so […]

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